Fishermen at Inle Lake, Shan State, Myanmar

The Fishermen of Inle Lake and their Remarkable Fishing Technique


Since Myanmar started opening its doors to the world, it has seen a surge in the number of foreign visitors coming to the country. It has a lot to offer when it comes to natural resources, attracting more people to come and visit. The Inle Lake is one of its most popular tourist attractions. It is calm and peaceful. Visitors adore the calmness of the lake as well as the beauty of the floating gardens.

Aside from the scenic spot, Inle Lake is also known for a traditional form of fishing practised by the Intha fishermen. The people of the lake are called Intha. They have a unique way of catching fish in the shallow water. Those who have not seen this technique before will be surprised at how they made fishing possible without falling.


The fishing technique


Fishermen at Inle Lake at Sunset

Fishermen at Inle Lake at Sunset


Intha fishermen catch fish by standing on one leg on the extreme end of the boat, at the same time wrapping the other leg around the oar. These fishermen can’t use the usual fishing technique where they simply sit down or throw a net to catch fish. This is due to the number of reeds and water plants in the lake. If they sit, it is impossible to see where the fishes are. When they stand on one edge of the boat, they can have a better view of the waters. This also allows them to have the other hand free to collect the net while propelling the boat at the same time.


A safe method


It seems risky seeing these fishermen do the process at first. When they stand on one end of the boat, it seems like they are going to fall any time. The truth is that the lake is very shallow. During the dry season, it averages only 2 meters in depth. Even if the fishermen fall to the water, it won’t pose serious threats.  This technique has been passed on from one generation to another. Some of these fishermen have even started fishing at a very young age. They have already mastered the technique. For most of them, this is their source of livelihood; hence, they work really hard.


Visiting the lake



Fisherman Inle Lake


If you plan to visit the Inle Lake just to see how these fishermen do their job, it is definitely worth it. This technique is remarkable and can never be found anywhere in the world. You might even ask them to teach you how to catch fish using their method. Enjoy the stunning views and learn a renowned fishing technique.