Petronas twin towers

Petronas Twin Towers


A trip to Malaysia is incomplete without ogling at the magnificent 451.9 meters tall 88-storey Petronas Twin Towers, created to reflect the country’s ambitions, aspirations and technological vigor. The welding of modern materials with Moorish impressions gives the Twin Towers its charm during the day and its dazzle at night. If the overcast views from the Skybridge at 170 meters above the ground aren’t riveting enough, there’s the often-spurned park encircling the towers complete with mosque, merry-go-round, and a walking path/jogging trail among others. If the feast at the extensively varied food courts in Suria KLCC Mall left you room for more, there’s the exquisitely aural Dewan Filharmonik Petronas, residence to the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.

Completed in June 1996, this Moorish-designed steel and glass clad concrete building is an avant-garde design that depicts the nation’s optimistic future and strong heritage. The towers are the perfect symbol of Malaysia as depicted through its outline in the shape of the letter “M” for Malaysia. The ragged outline highlights the strong cultural values by mirroring the nation’s traditional handicraft ‘songket’ or weaving. Inside, wall panels are influenced by Malaysia’s hardwood carvings, floor designs inspired by patterns of bertam palm matting and pandan weaving. The Skybridge’s triangle resembles a fulcrum that balances the past and future, traditional values and global perspective, multinational background and unified 1Malaysia. Each tower’s floor plate is in Islamic geometric design of two interconnected squares bearing shape of eight-pointed stars that are vital Islamic principles of “unity within unity, harmony, stability and rationality”.


View of Twin Towers from the Lounge at Traders Hotel

View of Twin Towers from the Lounge at Traders Hotel


The Petronas Twin Towers wasn’t called Malaysia’s jewel for nothing. It has more to offer aside from its towering magnificence. Experience it by engaging in a tour that exhibits interactive displays showcasing the planning to completion of the towers. Ascend to the 41st and 42nd floors where the Skybridge awaits. Aside from connecting the towers and serving as an emergency exit, the world’s highest double-decked bridge allows for a stunning, although sometimes hazy, view of the city. Go even higher to the 86th floor observation deck and get mesmerized by the breathtaking views of Kuala Lumpur, a close-up view of the tower’s spire, and even watch digital displays of the twin towers’ history. Finally, wrap up the visit with splendidly ornate souvenirs at the gift shop.


Petronas twin towers daytime (2)

Twin towers at daytime


If you still can’t get enough of this majestic structure, you can visit Southeast Asia’s leading venue for classical music. It is housed in the towers’ Dewan Filharmonik Petronas concert hall. Designed akin to the 19th century European concert halls, it hosts a handful of the world’s best musical talents and is Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra’s home. For the whole family to have fun, go to the surrounding KLCC Park with walking paths, a jogging track, a water fountain and kids’ wading pool.