Floating gardens on Inle Lake, Myanmar

Floating gardens on Inle Lake, Myanmar


Myanmar (formerly Burma) has isolated itself from the rest of the world for many years and is quite unknown to many people. Thus, the wonders that Myanmar has to offer are yet to be seen by the world. This beautiful country, located at Southeast Asia, has tons of breathtaking sites that are waiting to be discovered.

The floating gardens of Inle Lake are among them. This majestic site is located 2,900 feet above sea level. The lake is sustained by frequent rains. It is bordered by mountains on both sides. The weather is perfect in the area. It is cool, but not too cold, for you to go boating or camping. However, if you try to soak in the water early in the morning, then it is very cold. The temperature drops as mist hits the area.

The Inle Lake is about 22 km (14 miles) in length and 10 km (7 miles) wide. The most exciting part is not the lake itself, but the beautifully tended floating gardens. There is a long line of different vegetation that are perfect to look at, and are obviously taken cared of really well. Farmers have taken care of the area surrounding the lake. There are also government regulations to ensure that pollution does not impact the area and ensure that both animals and plants can thrive.


A time to harvest



Women in cano at Inle Lake


Aside from appreciating the beauty of the lake and the garden that surrounds it, another reason why people visit the place is to have the chance to pick fresh fruits and vegetables themselves. The floating garden is known for various crops, including tomatoes, gourds and cucumbers. They are known for making the best Burmese tomato salads in the country.


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Sunset over the floating gardens in Inle Lake, Myanmar


Though the floating gardens look amazing right now, they are actually in threat. Modernization has affected the area as more farmers started using fertilizers. In turn, the lake started to be polluted. The government has responded quickly to this problem though. They introduced foreign snails as a form of biological control. They help increase the oxygen content of the lake in order for the marine organisms to continue thriving.

As of now, the place is still popular among foreign and local visitors. It is a very quiet and romantic place. It is a perfect representation of Myanmar’s uniqueness as a country. The isolation of the place represents the isolation of the country, but it also shows just how quiet and peaceful it is.