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Sustainability Policy

Rustic Travel Sustainability Policy

Rustic Travel is a licenced Travelife DMC Partner. In the journey of becoming a Travelife-certified company, we have enforced new policies for both our staff and our partners. Read more about our Travelife certification here


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Our Mission

To deliver high-quality products that will inspire responsible tourism and help boost local socio-economy.


As a tour agency it is our responsibility as a tourism team player to help preserve the natural beauty and contributing to the livelihood of the local communities.

We strive to be a travel agency that is committed to integrity, stewardship, and continuous improvement in both our services and our contribution to society.

Conservation and volunteerism

At Rustic Travel, we prioritize environmental conservation and community well-being through sustainable practices and active participation in volunteering activities. We are committed to minimizing our ecological footprint by adopting responsible resource management. Employees, suppliers, and guests are encouraged to engage in local volunteering initiatives, contributing to community development and environmental preservation. Through continuous education and improvement, we strive to be a responsible corporate entity, making a positive impact on both the environment and the communities we serve. 

Wildlife Preservation

Our organization is dedicated to wildlife preservation, and we expect our suppliers and clients to uphold this commitment by refraining from any activities that harm wildlife. They must adhere to all relevant wildlife protection laws and regulations, practice responsible tourism by appreciating wildlife in their natural habitats without disturbance, support conservation efforts, and adopt sustainable practices.

Forbidden Souvenirs

Any affiliation with our organization, whether as clients, suppliers, or staff, forbids the unauthorized collection of corals, whether alive or deceased, for souvenirs or personal use, as corals are crucial to marine ecosystems, and their removal poses irreversible harm to underwater environments, alongside any unauthorized collection of flora and fauna. For more information of forbidden souvenirs can be referred at IUCN REDLIST https://www.iucnredlist.org/.

Accommodation Policy

Rustic Travel collaborates with accommodations that share our values. We require our partners to abstain from sex exploitation, child labour, or human trafficking, show respect for local communities and resources, ensure fair working conditions, comply with relevant laws, and maintain transparency in their operations and supply chains.

Reduction of paper Consumption

We strongly believe in promoting sustainability, even within our office environment. We actively encourage our employees to make use of both sides of paper to maximize its space and minimize waste. Any fully utilized papers are then recycled and transformed into creative crafts such as pen holders or recycled papers. In addition, we prioritize the use of electronic newsletters, brochures, and posters as promotional materials, reducing our reliance on printed materials. By adopting these practices, we strive to reduce paper consumption and promote an eco-friendlier workplace.

Reduction of Disposable Waste

At Rustic Travel’s office, we have strict policies against the use of plastic and water bottles. We strongly encourage our employees, guests, and partners to embrace the use of reusable bottles and containers instead. To support waste management efforts, we have provided separate bins for general waste (such as menstrual products and tissues) and recyclable waste (such as cups and water bottles). By promoting these practices, we aim to minimize our environmental footprint and promote a sustainable workplace.

Energy Reduction Policy

Our office is committed to water conservation. We maintain fixtures, use water-efficient equipment, practice responsible landscaping, and encourage staff to report leaks and use water wisely. We prioritize efficiency, responsible water use, and sustainability in our workplace.

Staff Travel Policy

In Rustic Travel, we prioritize providing our employees with flexible working hours, allowing them to benefit from a more adaptable schedule. Additionally, we support their ability to request work-from- home arrangements for specific reasons, aimed at maintaining high productivity levels among our workforces.

Sustainable Excursions Policy

The company is dedicated to conducting activities without causing harm to humans, animals, plants, or natural resources. We strictly avoid socially and culturally unacceptable practices. Excursions or attractions involving captive wildlife are not offered, except when complying with local, national, and international laws. Living specimens of protected wildlife are maintained only by authorized individuals with proper equipment for humane care. We commit to refraining from harvesting, consuming, displaying, selling, or trading wildlife, except within regulated frameworks ensuring sustainability and legal compliance. Our focus is on sustainable and responsible tourism, emphasizing ethical standards, including the avoidance of sex exploitation, child labour, and disruption to local communities. We expect our partners to uphold fair and safe working conditions, comply with laws, and maintain transparency.

Child Labour

At our organization, we strictly adhere to a policy that prohibits the employment of individuals below the age of 18 and rejects the use of child labour or any form of forced labour across all our facilities. We are committed to ensuring that no employee is coerced or compelled to work against their will, including situations of bonded or forced labour. Our stance is firm against any form of commercial exploitation, particularly when it comes to children and adolescents.

Sex Exploitation

Our company strictly prohibits any form of sexual exploitation, including but not limited to trafficking, abuse, or harassment, within our operations, supply chains, or interactions with customers. We are committed to creating a safe and respectful environment for our employees, customers, and local communities we operate in. We will not tolerate any behaviour that contributes to or enables sexual exploitation.

Sustainable Partners Policy

Our company strictly prohibits any form of sex exploitation, child labour, and disturbance of local community resources within our supply chain. Suppliers must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, promote fair and safe working conditions, respect local communities and resources, and maintain transparency. We are committed to fostering a responsible and ethical supply chain that upholds the well-being of workers, communities, and the environment.

Sustainability Report 2023

Please read our 2023 Sustainability Report here

Rustic Travel Travelife Report 2023

Sustainability - Code of Conduct

Please read our Sustainability – Code of Conduct here

Sustainability – Code of Conduct

Travelife Certificate


Rustic Travel Travelife Certification 2024-26

Travelife Certification 2024-26

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